Jump n' RotN

I'd like to inform you, my dear guest, that old JnR page has disappeared, and it's not going to be back soon.

Why? - you ask, and I reply: because the creation of JnR, as I'd like to see it in last version, is currently far beyond my abilities. I decided to create a game with mechanics very similar to JnR, but much simplier in terms of gameplay features, and thus - easier to implement. This game is going to be called It's horrible! Krzesimir strikes back, it will be unofficial successor to Herbata kto ty tak kroliczek, and it's going to be a sth like testbed for some of the features that are expected to appear in JnR.

If you're looking for my old productions, mainly Herbata kto ty tak kroliczek ang OpenGL/GUI presentation, all that stuff still can be downloaded from this page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/jnr.

While you're already here, would you mind visiting SDL_Config's homepage, or my own (Koshmaar's) homepage? Thank you, and I hope you won't be angry for this "313373" webpage (facts are, SourceForge's technical problems with MySQL databases played a big role in my decision to put down old JnR page).

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